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Website Development

Once a web design has been chosen and functionality requirements have been identified, two approaches can be used to develop the website — Off the Shelf or Bespoke.  See Methodology for more discussion of functionality.

If your requirements fit solutions that have been done many times before — as, for example, e-commerce, content managed brochure site — an existing off the shelf solution can be integrated with your web design.  At Websposure, we are proficient in any number of solutions including, but not limited to,  WordPress, Joomla, Droopal and Magento.   We can even customize some of these off the shelf solutions so they meet your business requirements.

When it comes to unique, one-off solutions for a Facebook, or something that could be the next Facebook, bespoke development may be what is needed.  Websposure have developed and deployed many bespoke solutions over the years.  We can show you exactly what is possible.  In fact, when it comes to bespoke solutions we are willing to say, “IF YOU CAN THINK IT, WE CAN BUILD IT.”

Websposure is proficient in both LAMP open source technology as well as Microsoft driven technology.  Choice of technology can affect the price of your website.  Download our white paper  ____ (Insert title) to begin learning how this is done.  (When they click on this I want to capture their Name, Email Address.)

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