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What makes an appealing website?  Is it content that may consist of images, text or video?  Is it the colour?  Is it the logo?  Many clients have an idea of what they like in a web design.

A website must follow a number of fundamental rules.

  1. It must deliver its message quickly and succinctly unless it is like this site which is it is intended to educate in-depth.
  2. It must be easy to navigate.
  3. It must be UP.
  4. It must be secure.

A website can follow all these rules and still miss out because not enough attention has been paid to LOOK & FEEL or, because it has received the wrong kind of attention.  Generally, the look and feel of a website is based on the client’s likes and dislikes.  In fact, this is not an effective way to address look and feel when a website is being designed or re-designed.

To understand this, think of the internet as a replica of the real world.  Let’s say you wanted to sell handbags by opening a high street store.  The handbags you want to sell are very high end and cost thousands of pounds, dollars or euros.  Where would you open the store ?  Would it be in an area like London’s Knightsbridge, New York’s Madison Avenue, or Paris’ Champs Elysees?  Would it be a on a small town high or main street?  Wherever its location, you’d do basic market research including going the area to see what kind of stores your competitors have and how successful they are.  Based on this, you would hire a designer who will deliver a store that will attract customers who will buy your handbags and, at the same time, set you apart from the competition.

A website is the same.  Before the website can be designed we need to know who your competitors are and how they portray themselves.  We then must deliver a site that is unique enough to set you apart from the competition but not so different that people won’t choose to look at it when they find your website on the first page of a search engine’s results.  It’s possible that what we end up with may not fit your initial ideas but it will be something that works for your audience so you get business through your website.

At Websposure, we believe that web design and web content are the most important part of a website.  We’ve seen too many sites where the client has ended up with a website whose only differences from the competition are slightly different colours and somewhat different content.  We make sure that that does not happen to our clients.

For an opinion on your site and what might work for you, call us at +44 (0) 844 576 3789 or use the Request Callback link at the top of the page.  If you like, you can take advantage of our free one hour consultation at our offices in London or, if you can’t come to London, the consultation can take place on the phone.