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Web Application Development

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a single or bespoke application written specifically to automate a company’s repetitive administrative, data sharing tasks.  The added benefit of such an application is that it’s delivered through an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox so that the application is completely compatible with any type of computer operating system or device.

A case study is the best way to describe a bespoke web application, in this case, a Web Application built for Harrow Local Safeguarding Children Board, London Borough of Harrow.


The Client’s Brief 

We currently have a website to display all the activities that we do as a LSCB. Unfortunately, the website is not inviting enough and is almost impossible for us to manage.  Each time we want content changed we have to speak to the web company which, of course, results in an additional cost. We are looking for a website that we can manage ourselves.  We are not very technical nor do we have an unlimited budget for this so it needs to be incredibly easy to use and must not incur any additional costs each time we add new information.

As an LSCB we are required to offer Training to Local Practitioners.  Currently, we provide the course information on our website.  However, managing all the Training related information is an incredibly lengthy, manual process.  Our staff members are consumed by all the administration they have to perform on a daily basis.  It is fair to say that majority of the hours in the week are taken up by these repetitive tasks of dealing with trainers as well as practitioners who have shown interest in coming to our courses.  We would like to explore ideas on how we can use technology to streamline our processes and hopefully free up our staff for more important tasks.

Beyond our technology requirements, we also want a Trusted Technology Partner. We want a company that will deal with everything technical; hosting, domain management, support, etc.,are things we don’t really want to deal with as we don’t have the resources for this. We would like the ideal company to handle EVERYTHING for us.

The Solution

Having understood the requirements, Websposure Ltd., the company behind LSCB Training, set off to understand all tasks performed by the LSCB Team at Harrow on a daily basis.  Websposure spent an enormous amount of time identifying and understanding each and every individual task performed by the various staff members as well as the way in which they were related to each other.  Then, we wrote a detailed spec that reflected the technology solution that we recommended to help Harrow both manage their website and the training being offered.

Harrow soon approved the project and the solution was built and went live in early 2010.

Harrow never has to worry about the technical aspects of the site.  They receive a completely managed service which includes what they had originally requested – Domain Management, Hosting, Deployment, Support and Technology advice  — all under one roof.  Essentially, the solution just works.  If there are any issues Harrow knows that Websposure is only a phone call or email away.

The Results went live in early 2010.  All of its aspects can be managed by Harrow with complete ease without additional costs. Harrow pays an annual one off fee that encompasses every facet of having their site live.  Most importantly, they have peace of mind knowing that our after sales service is as good as our pre-sales pitch.  Harrow has a dedicated account manager with whom they have a fantastic relationship and who can always be reached by phone.

The Training module went live in April 2010.  It has completely automated all Training related tasks. Staff has been freed up to do other tasks and no longer spend hours consolidating various spreadsheets.  What may originally have been thought of as a cost has paid for itself in the time saved.  It’s become a cost cutting tool.

If you think a Web application will meet your needs, take us up on our offer of a free hour long consultation and we promise you whatever you spend will pale in comparison to what you save through a custom Web Application.