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Schools require a website as a communication tool with their community.

Selborne Primary School based in Ealing were clear in their requirements.

Selborne Requirements

A site that projects the right image for us
A site that was easy to manage and enter content
A company that was always there to help and support
As a primary school we were keen to project the right image. The site in incredibly visual and we fought
the notion of having a school website that had lots of textual content.

The result – we have recently been approached by another primary school in the local area on the strength of
what we built for Selborne.

Please look below to see what Selborne have to say about us.
James McCormackSelborne Primary School
We commissioned Websposure to create our new school-website with a certain image in mind. They took this brief and successfully created a design which reflected our vision and ethos. Our requirements were a child friendly School website that would appeal to young learners, however we did not want something too gherish or immature. Websposure took these elements and created a clean, fresh, uncluttered, vibrant look which was also visually exciting and easy to use. The management system used to upload content is very easy to navigate and documents, photo albums and text can be uploaded in a matter of minutes. You would only need the basic IT skills to create exciting web pages and content on our site. This is really useful in a busy school where getting important information out quickly is key to building a strong ethos of partnership. It has not been necessary to spend a long time training our admin staff how to upload content, instead the system is intuitive and simple. The structure of the site allows you to have as little or as much content as you like without there being any empty boxes to fill. This has meant we have been able to start with a small amount of content and grow with the flexibility to add sections easily when needed. Websposure has been able to incorporate Links to our Learning Platform and features for our community to sign up and send enquiries. We are hoping that these facilities will enable us to become a greener school without having to send out so much correspondence. Parents, governors, staff and children have all commented on the high quality of our sites design and navigation features. In designing our brief Websposure were adaptable, offering a high quality of personal service. Their help and support line has been invaluable when adding content or dealing with any initial adjustments to be made. I would recommend Websposure to any school or institution for their ability to provide a site matched to individual requirements.