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KanbanEOS is a startup that Websposure started with a Print Industry Expert, Phil Matthews.

Phil came to us with a fantastic idea which we really believed in.  We helped develop the idea into an industry first solution.

Phil was happy to sell the solution if we could build it.  Two years on not only has Websposure created and delivered an amazing supply chain management solution but also helped sell it to the UK’s largest I.T. Distributor in

KanabanEOS is going from strength to strength – watch this space !!

Websposure is always interested in joint ventures and this is a prime example of how two experts in two different industry sectors can get together and achieve something special.

All Square are London’s premier lighting resellers.  There range includes some of the largest names in that industry sector such as Floss.

The client wanted a contemporary, minimalist solution which we hope we have achieved.

Although Content Management Solutions like WordPress can be cost effective, All Square wanted a bespoke CMS so that management of the website could be handled without having any I.T. knowhow.

We believe we have achieved exactly what the client and that too at the stated budget.

Abingdon Road was not created by us but is now one of our closest clients.

The site was developed by another company but unfortunately the company was unable to finish the project.

Websposure was able to take the project on and get it to a point where the client’s business was not suffering.

We now continue adding functionality as and when required.

We believe this is a great relationship in the making headed by Jennifer Wirth.

We highly recommend Abingdon Road to anyone looking for a personal stylist and we are sure they will not hesitate to recommend us.

Help2Let is a Harrow Council project for local landlords and tenants alike.

Websposure has created a website which is completely content managed.  Since the original site was built we have been commissioned to build a complete Customer Relationship Management portal that is integrated with the Website.

This was our fifth project of it’s kind for the London Borough of Harrow.

We have now been recommended to yet another one of the departments and are very confident that we will win that work also.

Marie O’Shea of Help2Let has also kindly helped us with a video Testimonial which you may see both on our home page as well as our Testimonials page.

You may also read about what Ms. O’Shea had to say below.