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MyBikeYourBike is a startup.

A fantastic idea that was brought to us by two incredible entrepreneurs.

At Websposure we love being part of unique ideas.  We love developing just a simple idea and bringing it into a successful model in the digital world.

Working on such projects is always a challenge also which we love to take on, budget, marketing thoughts, design, technology are all things that need real attention.

Of course when we work we start-ups where the idea is unique we are hugely responsible for keeping the IP of the idea a secret.  Signing NDA’s has become second nature to us having been involved in some fantastically unique ideas. is a bespoke design created on a WordPress Platform which is superb for SEO.

If you want to hire a special bike please look no further and watch MyBikeYourBike be the next big thing !!

Triskom have been a Websposure client almost since Websposure’s conception.

We are now on the 3rd incarnation of the site.  The technology used for Triskom is Nop-Commerce which is based on Microsoft .NET technology.  The new Triskom website shows our capabilities as a company where not only are we well versed in various types of technology but that we are a company that believes in relationships.

For this site we took an existing E-Commerce platform and customised it to fit Triskom’s design as well as business process requirements.

Rohit Shah, the CEO and founder of the company may be reached any time for any questions you may have about Websposure as a company.

You may read what Rohit had to say about us below.

JCreative are our Branding Partners.

The site was designed by them but the bespoke content management system that sits behind it has been built by Websposure.

The JCreative and Websposure relationship has been going on to 7 years and we are proud to be partnering with such a creative team of people.  If you want fantastic creativity without break neck costs JCreative is the only company we would recommend.



We currently have a website to display all the activities that we do as a LSCB. Unfortunately, the website is not inviting enough and is almost impossible for us to manage. Each time we want content changed we have to speak to the web company which of course results in an additional cost. We are looking for a website that we can manage ourselves. We are not very technical nor do we have an unlimited budget for this so it needs to be incredibly easy to use and must not have any additional costs each time we add new information.

As an LSCB we are also required to offer Training to Local Practitioners. Currently, we provide the course information on our website but beyond that we then have an incredibly lengthy, manual process to manage all the Training related information. Our Staff is consumed by all the administration they have to perform on a daily basis. It is fair to say that majority of the hours in the week are taken up by these repetitive tasks of dealing with trainers as well as practitioners who have shown interest in coming to our courses. We would like to explore ideas on how we can use technology to streamline our processes and hopefully free up our staff for more important tasks.

Beyond our technology requirements we also want a Trusted Technology Partner. We want a company that will deal with everything technical, hosting, domain management, support, etc., is something we don’t really want to deal with as we don’t have the resources for this. We would like the ideal company to handle EVERYTHING for us.


Having understood the requirements Websposure Ltd., the company behind LSCB Training, set off understanding all tasks performed by the LSCB Team at Harrow on a daily basis. Websposure spent an enormous amount of time understanding each and every individual task that was performed by the various staff members. Having understood the tasks and how they were related to each other we wrote a detailed spec that reflected the technology solution that we recommended to help Harrow do both, manage their website as well as the training it was offering.

Harrow soon approved the project and the solution was built and went live in early 2010.

At no point does Harrow ever have to worry about the technical bits of the site. They receive a completely managed service which includes what they had originally requested – Domain Management, Hosting, Deployment, Support and Technology advice under one roof. Essentially, the solution just works. If there are any issues Harrow knows that Websposure is only a phone call or email away.

THE RESULTS went live in early 2010.  Every aspect of it is completely manageable by Harrow with consummate ease and no additional costs. Harrow pays an annual one off fee that encompasses every aspect of having their site live. Most importantly, they have peace of mind knowing that our after sales service is as good as our pre sales pitch. Harrow has a dedicate account manager who they have a fantastic relationship with and is always available at the end of a phone.

The Training module went live in April 2010. It has completely automated all Training related tasks. Staff has been freed up to do other tasks and now don’t have to spend hours consolidating various spreadsheets. What may originally have been thought of as a cost has paid for itself in the time saved and has actually become a cost cutting tool.

Both the website as well as the Training solution are now live.

Three years on the relationship continues to get stronger.