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Portfolio is one of the easiest projects that we have been involved in.

They are one of London’s Premier Corporate Florists boasting some of London’s biggest Hotel Chains as their customers.

Although we created the bespoke content management system that sits behind website the design is very clean and simple allowing the subject matter (images of the flowers) to speak for themselves.

Of course we make light of the project but knowing the calibre of Chic Flower’s customer base we still had to ensure that what we delivered projects the right image to their client base.

We are very proud to be associated with such a unique and creative business.

Websposure were chosen from a host of solution providers to build various websites and web applications for .

Greythorn went on to acquire many companies and Websposure was fortunate enough to be involved in many solutions.  Because of our stellar work and delivering on time and on budget the former CTO of Greythorn recommended us to an up and coming Technology Startup –

Websposure helped with the conception and creation of the logo, the website as well as the video that you may see on the site.

The subject matter of Evaroc was incredibly technical but we believe the presentation of the content and the information in the manner it was done really gets the message across without any “geek speak.”

Below you may read what one of the Directors of Evaroc have to say about us.

XaraComputers are our partners when it comes to I.T.

It’s always a big challenge to create a website in incredibly competitive sectors like I.T.

To set them apart from their competition we worked incredibly hard with Xara to create the right content which was honest and appealing to their target audience.

We also helped create both the content as well as the video that you may see on their site.

The results achieved by Xara and the traffic the site has attracted meant that we were then also given the job of creating

Read below what Xara have to say about us.

We designed and build a website called

Sejuiced recommended us to Parkhill almost 4 years ago.  In those 4 years Websposure has developed two websites as well as

Both the websites have a bespoke design as well as bespoke Content Management Systems behind them.

By the way Sejuiced continue to recommend us and are still very much our client !!