Google+ Pricing Exactly What You Want -Money Is No Object !!

Our Pricing

Option 1 – Cheap and Cheerful

Analysis of your needs and your budget may result in a conclusion that a simple template based website will do the job you need.

If that is the case, you contribute the content.  If you want, Websposure can help you write it and identify categories, such as Home, About Us, Services and anything else that make sense for your website.

Once this has been done, Websposure help you choose an appropriate off-the-shelf  template from sites including, but not limited to, Template Monster and Theme Forrest.  The cost of a typical template can be as low as $15 for a static template or $30 for a content managed template.

When we’ve found and agreed a template that: (1) meets your needs; and (2) meets the resulting technical requirements, Websposure will give you a quote for customizing the template colours, logo and the like so that the website complements your business.

Template based solutions can start at as little as £250 + VAT.

Option 2 – Exactly What You Want — Money Is No Object !!

Some businesses are incredibly particular about the image they project.  If you fall into this category you may feel that compromises are unacceptable and that every aspect of your website should be designed so that the image you feel is right will be conveyed to your audience exactly as you want.

You may have specific branding guidelines you want us to follow.  In that case,  Websposure will design and build the website based on your existing branding.

You may be starting from scratch.  If that is the case, Websposure will design a solution that begins with branding.  The branding process involves understanding your competition, your market space and the image and message you want to convey.  The end result will be a logo design and marketing collateral, including, but not limited to, banners and leaflets.  When the brand has been created, the website will be designed and built.

Bespoke solutions can start at as little as £1000 + VAT.

Option 3 – Can We Get Something Off the Shelf and Customize It ?

Sometimes people want to create a website based on something they have seen.

When this happens, Websposure research your objectives with a view to finding a pre-built solution that can be customized to deliver the solution you need.

Let’s use Facebook, the social networking platform, as an example.  Building something like Facebook from scratch would be extremely expensive.  If you  were looking for something similar to Facebook, Websposure would explore the options and would likely recommend a FREE open source platform such as Boonex.  If you felt that Boonex contained most of the functionality you require, we would customize it to suit your needs.  This would reduce the time and cost for such a large solution. If we can’t find anything that matches your requirements, we would have to create the solution from scratch which would be more costly.

Off-the-shelf customized solutions can start at as little as £500 + VAT.