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Established business with no website?

Welcome to Websposure!!

If you have an established business but no website, we will take you through the process of establishing an online presence step by step.

Step 1 – Start on the right foot !!

Make sure your domain name — —  is the right one for your business.  Websposure will help you choose the best domain for you.  Picking the correct name for your business has a substantial positive effect on website visibility and marketing.  Picking the wrong name can end up costing your business a lot more than you may think.

Step 2 – It’s all about your Audience !!

You have been in business for a while.  You’ve learned a lot about the people and companies who know about you and buy from you — your audience.  What you’ve learned is as relevant online as it is offline.  Based on your knowledge, Websposure will look at your customary buyers and do three things.

  • Create a Web Design that not only looks good to you and  your buyers but that looks better than your competitors’ websites.
  • Advise you on how to write web friendly content that will not only  be recognized by search engines such as Google and Bing but will also appeal to your buyers.
  • Pick the media — text, images or videos — that will deliver content that will appeal to your buyers and make an emotional connection with them so they purchase your goods and/or services.

Step 3 – Pick the right Technology !!

There’s a lot of technology out there!  Websposure’s job is to use its know-how to choose the technology solution that meets your objectives.  It may be a content managed platform, an e-commerce platform or even a Microsoft based product.  Whatever it is, we will make sure that we deliver a solution that meets your current and future business needs.

Step 4 – Hosting made simple – Secure & Fast

Every website needs to live somewhere so that the world can get to it and see it.  Websposure offer a complete managed hosting service.  We locate your website on the latest servers.  We make sure it is protected against from hacking, malware and attacks.  And because we have a reliable backup system, if it should ever be necessary, we can restore your website with the least possible amount of downtime.

In short – your clients/customers will be able to get to your website quickly and securely.   We know that if you are out of business we could be out of business.

Step 5 –  Support

For a minimal fee, we give our clients UNLIMITED SUPPORT between the hours of 9-6 PM GMT, Monday to Friday —  no exceptions!  Whether you call or e-mail once a year or 10 times a day, we are always a phone call or email away.  We don’t shy away from our responsibility to be there for you as your technology partner.