Google+ Established Business but need more traffic?

Established Business but need more traffic?

You have already spent good money on your current website.

So why, you ask, does no one come to the site?

The answer to that question is actually very simple.  It’s a matter of position.

Position 1 in Google gets almost 40 percent of the traffic.  Position 2 gets only 12%.

Let’s see where in the Google search engine listings your business will appear when your customers or clients type keywords and search for you.

To do this, we’ll pretend you are an organisation called My Company Ltd. which sells Secure Mail Boxes.  You already have a website where you display your mailboxes.  When one of your customers types “Secure Mail boxes” and does a search, where does your company appear in the Google listings?

If the answer is nowhere, then you know why your website gets no traffic.  If the answer is near the bottom of the list or in the middle of the list, you know why it gets little, if any, traffic.

The internet is an exact replica of the real world.  To get automatic traffic to your store you have to be on a high or main street and you have to have a good location on that street.  For you, the high street is  the first page of Google and the place where you appear determines the amount of traffic you get.

If you aren’t getting any traffic or you are getting very little traffic, what can be done?

At Websposure, we will take you through the process that will identify exactly what is causing problems. Be this your marketing strategy, your website, or a combination of the two, we will work with you to create not just a website but to implement a STRATEGY that will make your website a real traffic generator.