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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are particularly effective for industries such as Real Estate and insurance.  They can bridge the gap between efforts that are free and those that are expensive by allowing payment on sales that are actually made rather than on the marketing effort itself.

Example uses various media for advertising including TV, magazines and newspapers.  It has the money to purchase the visibility that these outlets provide.  As a result of advertising and marketing attract millions of customers to their website. may charge these advertisers a minimal subscription fee.  It then charges the companies a commission for the business they get from the website.  For example, a search for insurance on will produce a list of companies including, but not limited to, and Tesco Insurance.  If a user connects with through Confused and makes a purchase, Elephant pays Confused a commission on the sale.

If this structure is appropriate for your business sector or there is a comparison between your sector and the example above, an affiliate program may be what you need.

Websposure tracks many affiliate programs for which your business may qualify and which will let you increase traffic and revenue with known costs.